the kit of Bohemian Tumblers that hold my personal tumbler best of 1 hr 32 min
kit of bohemian tipplers


the breeders I received from Zlatko Klacar, the Austrain champion with 18 hr 55 min, and his brother Dragan


Zlatko (on my left) and I are holding the Austrian champion kit
Zlatko and me


the kit that flew my first 10 hrs (10 hours 20 minutes on April 23, 2006 - after just six spring training sessions !!!) my first ten-hour kit


the Czech Tippler Club - KCHT - was founded on June 24, 2006
the founding members (left to right):
Karel Czyz, me, Jiri Oulehla, Jaroslav Pavlis, Josef Zabransky, and Miloslav Kvocka
KCHT - founding members


the y/b kit that flew 15.08 (my first 15+) for me on July 2, 2006 in the DFU competiton 15 hr y/b kit


the o/b kit that flew 15.25 for me on May 20, 2007 in the DFU competiton 15 hr o/b kit


the kit that moved the CZ o/b record up to the mark of 17 hours and 35 minutes on June 17, 2007
photo by Jan Strouhal -
record kit


evenings like that are worth living for


summer 2008 - me and Lada Chladek
summer 2008 - me a Lada Chladek


summer 2008 - Bernhold Kolhoff, me, and Josef Vesely visiting Bernhold in Germany
Kolthoff, Otta, Vesely


summer 2008 - Josef Vesely, Herman van den Broek, and me visiting Herman in Holland
van den Broek, Vesely, Otta


summer 2008 - Herman van den Broek is giving me some advice
Otta, van den Broek,


spring 2009 - my young yellow Sheffield in flight
Yellow Sheffield