that's me Hi, my name is Frank Otta and I live in the city of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. I am 52 years old (written in 2005) and work as a free-lance teacher of English and also do some occassional translation work. I am married and have two grown up kids.

Obviously, I fly pigeons - the Tipplers and Bohemian Tumblers - that's why I am devoting these pages to them.

The Tipplers are the best flying birds I have ever had but the Bohemian Tumblers are the friendliest ones and I use them for droppers. I love both breeds almost equally.

In addition to flying pigeons, I love going mushroom picking in the woods, playing darts with friends in a pub on Fridays, and tinkering with the pigeon lofts and their furnishings. I am lucky enough to love my job too. There is nothing better than working as a free-lancer.

I started with flying Prague, Vienna, and Hannover Tumblers when I was a kid in the 60's (too bad I don't have any pictures of them to show you here). Fell in love with the sport and then came the stray cats and did a job on my stock. A few months later came the Warsaw Pact armies to crush the Prague Spring. A few years later I decided to relocate to the US where I spent 16 years in the State of New York. After the Velvet Revolution and the re-establisment of democracy in the Czech Republic in 1989, my wife and I decided to return and live back in Europe again.

droppers and me A year ago, I concluded it was high time to fly pigeons again before I die:-), but I didn't know that getting a good flying breed over here is next to impossible these days. Not that the breeds are extinct, they are just kept in aviaries for show purposes. So, I had to take a chance on the Bohemian Tumblers which used to be relatively good flyers years ago. What a disappointment they gave me - they din't fly 10 minutes !

Then, I heard about the Tipplers and decided to get a pair to fly them in the tumbler kit so that they might hold the tumblers up in the air a bit longer. After seeing what the tipplers could do, I fell in love with them. Today, I have 23 birds and their number is growing.

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